Netnapa Phumma is one of Thailand’s largest wholesalers & processors of scrap metal. Netnapa Phumma provides a full range of comprehensive scrap management services and technically advanced scrap handling equipment to all types of industrial accounts throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. As global markets, environmental concerns and technology become increasingly complex, customers rely on Netnapa Phumma for technical assistance and professional expertise.
Copper & Aluminum Scrap
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Netnapa Phumma, is a paper distributing company which also deals with recycling of paper products. Looking for quality products? Netnapa Phumma is the doorstep to good quality.

Netnapa Phummal specialized in distributing a wide range of printing , writing, publication, security and specialty papers . The company was established in 2010 and now is one of Thailand's leader in printing and writing paper industry. The annual distribution capacity is 547,000 tons of Kraft liner, 230 million square foot of Sheet board and 9 million Cartons.
A4 Copier Papers
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In agriculture, succeeding for our customers means growing a healthy, marketable and profitable  crop. For Netnapa Phumma, it means something bigger: feeding the world sustainably. Netnapa Phumma is a trading company, operating in the domain of trading in a large scale. Netnapa Phumma Markets Tropical Export Crops. It operates in Asia and also creates an arena for investments in the sector of agriculture, It is a trade center because we offer negoce services in a large scale. When you need serious trading partners; we  are available.
Grains & Nuts
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