About us
NETNAPA PHUMMA is a global specialist in professional trading & product sourcing, based in Ciang Mai, Thailand. We believe that the world has a lot to offer and every country have hidden products specialities that can provide a difference to any company or brand. With our network of middlemen or trading who facilitate relationships with suppliers in Asia, Europe & Middle East, we provide customized sourcing solutions saving our clients efforts, time and money.

Our service covers a vast range of product categories providing a complete service that not only offers high-quality products, but innovative and original personal solutions too. We cross the borders and cultures of Asia and Middle East in our quest to find the right products and suppliers. We have  relationships with the best suppliers in business.

With our considerable wealth of experience and knowledge in sourcing products in Asiam Europe and Middle East, we assist our clients in finding the best suitable suppliers and manufacturers. Our product sourcing services provide research, procurement and delivery across a multitude of product categories.
Whatever our clients in Middle East, Europe or Asia need we have the most up to date market information and insight. We assist our clients in crossing cultural and native language barriers between all parties minimizing the risk of miscommunication.

We are committed to helping our clients execute and achieve their strategic goals by minimizing risk, substantially reducing cost of goods, improving quality and reducing lead times to market.

Quality assurance monitoring and process improvements are parts of the valuable expertise we offer whilst working with clients and partners. Our personalized service and dedication to our clients provides the vital link to success that we deliver. We don’t do ordinary, we do extraordinary!
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